Lisa's Letter 


Talking to Zoe is quite literally one of the best things I have done to help improve my life.

If you are at all concerned about your relationship with alcohol or drugs, or just feel like you might like to shift your life slightly and try out an alternative path then I urge you to talk to Zoe.

I was fed up with constantly reaching for that next glass of wine, I was feeling anxious, getting annoyed with myself, not particularly liking myself and wondering what the big sober secret was. I then saw a video of Zoe on social media.  I listened to her words of wisdom, I saw her smile and heard her laughter and thought I want that! And I want to know how she got there…

3 months later, I’m not quite there but I’m certainly on a much clearer, cleaner path and that is all just from one hour once a week, talking to Zoe, and laughing with her.

I’m not someone who has had regular therapy, so I was nervous. I was quite ashamed of the reasons for being there and for needing help. I cannot tell you how easy Zoe made it. She was relaxed, open and honest and completely professional throughout. She never once judged me (or told me to stop drinking) in fact we didn’t always talk about alcohol, it was often deeper stuff, and sometimes not even about me. She helped me understand some of the stresses my young son is experiencing, my relationships with work, my fears and expectations for the future and regrets of the past. It was sometimes very emotional and sometimes really practical. She gave me the tools to understand myself (and even like myself) and strategies to live a better life. Strategies that I will never forget and will certainly pass on to my children.

 I will always be grateful for Zoe. Her support and understanding, her acceptance and her wisdom and of course her humour and warmth. Find a Zoe to talk to (preferably this one☝🏼) And bad days will never seem that bad again.

Lisa, thank you for being so brave, honest and dedicated to doing everything you needed to do to make the changes you wanted to make happen. Zoe x