My Coaching Courses

I have a course and a format to suit everyone ....

My pet hate is that anyone ever feels left out so I have created three different courses for you but am always open to creating more if needs be! We work using zoom so I will be sending you a link and all you'll need to do is click it on the right date at the right time and we'll be all set to get this journey started! I cannot wait to watch and listen to your transformation as you discover what you're actually capable of achieving!!

You won't find any prices on this website as we will be discussing pricing on our discovery call, but don't worry I don't believe in forcing your hand!!

1:1 for 100% focus on you

I get genuinely excited as I wait for my 1:1 clients to arrive! There is something unbelievably special in connecting and working with one person. They are able to share themselves freely and move forward on their own terms within their own story. This is where pure magic happens and I feel so proud to be in that space with you; just the two of us.

1:2 For Those Who Like To Share

Sometimes it can just feel a little too close for comfort being alone with your coach (even if they're really kind and not scary like me!) or you have a friend who really wants to do this journey together, maybe as a gift to yourselves! Either way bouncing off another person is always fun and sometimes even more challenging than you think! This format of coaching is full of life-changing shares, laughter and friendship so it's very very special indeed! 

Group Coaching For Those Who prefer To Fly In Their Flock

While the aim of coaching is typically to effect change in individuals, group coaching has the magic addition of community where, as a group you discover, share and grow together. Having had a successful Pilates practice in the past I absolutely love the vibe that coaching within a group brings. It's super special and strong bonds are often built based on the shared experience of your coaching sessions AND relating to each others life stories.