My Coaching Courses

I have a course and a format to suit everyone ....

My pet hate is that anyone ever feels left out, so I have created three different courses for you, but I am always open to creating more if needs be! We work using Zoom. I will send you a link; all you'll need to do is click it on the right date at the right time, and we'll be all set to start this beautiful journey of yours! I cannot wait to watch and listen to your transformation as you discover what you can achieve!!

You won't find any prices on this website as we will be discussing pricing on our discovery call as well as getting to know each other, but don't worry I absolutely don't believe in forcing selling you anything, unlike many!!

1:1 for 100% focus on you


I get genuinely excited as I wait for my 1:1 clients to arrive! There is something unbelievably special in connecting and working with one person. You can share yourselves freely and move forward on your terms at your own pace as you sink into the safety container we create together, and that is utterly divine, trust me!

These calls are where pure magic happens, and I feel so proud to be in that space with you, just the two of us.

1:2 For Those Who Like To Share


Sometimes, it can feel a little too close for comfort being alone with a coach, or you might have a friend who wants to make this journey together, maybe as a gift to yourselves! Either way, bouncing off another person is always fun and sometimes even more challenging than you think! This coaching format is full of life-changing shares, laughter and friendship, so it's genuinely extraordinary!

Maybe you have a partner or a friend wanting to change their relationship with a substance or behaviour like you, or you're both on the same wavelength in your journey to self-discovery and wondering, 'Who the hell am I?'. This Plan is yours to be tailored ONLY to YOU!

So, buckle up because it will be an incredible life-changing ride full of self-discovery, understanding, self-love and laughter!

Group Coaching For Those Who Prefer To Fly In A Flock!


While the aim of coaching is typically to effect change in individuals, group coaching has the magic addition of community where, as a group you discover, share and grow together. Over the past few years I have been blown away by the different vibe coaching within a small group brings. It's super special, intimate and strong bonds are often built based on the shared experience of being vulnerable whilst feeling safe and held, your brains rewiring as you realise that connecting is key to your happiness. Leaning into the coaching sessions AND relating to each others life stories is truly a game changer to soothing our souls and recovering our authenticity.

There are new 12-Week programs working on 'Self and Recovering our Truth' starting all year round so just reach out and I will send you everything you need to decide if it's the small group program for you!

Here are a few testimonials of what people who have done the group coaching programs have to say...


Zoe takes you on a journey understanding yourself on a deeper level. She is engaging and takes you on a personal exploration of self. Zoe's energy, passion for helping others grow and huge heart are all evident!



Zoe sincerely believes that everyone is capable of healing and freeing themselves.



Zoe creates a profoundly safe and supportive space for you to explore your authentic self with friendliness and curiosity .  She is energetically(?) there* with you in heart, mind and spirit, as she guides you to be with your self and your own freedom, love and inspiration. With wisdom, love, and a (kick-ass)* sense of humor (!)  she helps you to explore* a deeper part of your being that is in harmony with life.  At once practical and down to earth she helps you reconnect with our heart, mind, spirit and the world.  She is grounded in and reminds us that truth and love are indestructible and freedom, peace, joy and self-knowledge are possible. Indeed, they are within us.

In her commitment to life she sets an example,  as she honestly shares her own vulnerable life experiences and  knowledge.

Zoe is absolutely full of energy and the beauty of being human in this unfolding world before us. She has helped me to stop struggling and start experiencing life.

Zoe is simply a treasure.



+I've loved and gained so much from doing Coach Zoe's 12 week, "A Journey to True Self." The course is packed FULL of thought provoking content and the group is small enough to quickly feel like a safe place to share. As well as learning why I react as I do, I am also learning how to look after myself better physically all of which is giving me a lot more energy, confidence and understanding to deal with other challenges such as setting boundaries and quieting the critical superego voice in my head. Thank you, Zoe, you are a super talented coach!

Roz Paterson



+‚ÄĚI can‚Äôt recommend Coach Zoe‚Äôs¬†‚ÄėJourney to Self‚Äô course highly enough. This 12 week course has changed my life and given me a sense of freedom that I have not felt in my adult life! It is a powerful journey packed with information, small group shares and guidance from Coach Zoe that has empowered me to go deep within myself. I am so happy that I made the decision to join her small group and you will be also!




+It's hard to believe how quickly our 12 weeks past by, I am so very happy to write a testimonial and hope its helpful for anyone looking to take this course.  

I truly can’t say enough amazing things about Zoe’s Journey to Self course.  This content really gets down at the core of what makes us tick as human beings and how we have learned and adapted based on our environment and circumstances.  This can be some heavy content at times and the way Zoe creates such a warm and loving space for each of us to share in a safe space absolutely makes the group part of the experience invaluable.  We also had an option to have the sessions recorded which I loved so I can go back not only during the week to review but also have that information now that that course is complete. 

If you are on a journey to becoming the best version of yourself you are in the right place and will not be disappointed with this investment in you. 





Hi Zo√ę. Even though I feel like I could write a book on how my life has changed while working with you, I hope this will express to your future clients some of the little gems you offer that can help them in a journey to a more¬†peaceful and connected life.. xo¬†ūüėö

...After being¬†coached by Zo√ę in both a group setting through This Naked Mind, and 1:1 coaching, my life has been completely transformed. She not only guided me on my successful journey to be alcohol free, but also helped¬†me delve deep into beliefs and discover traumas from my childhood that had been holding me back from true happiness for most of my adult life.¬†

When I saw Zo√ę was offering a Journey to Self 12 week course, I did not hesitate to sign up. For me, it was the next natural progression to finding the true inner peace I was seeking after getting alcohol free. She did not disappoint.¬†

It was a small online group which allowed for honest, curious and vulnerable conversations in a safe setting. Her curriculum gently guides you toward awareness of feelings and beliefs that keep you stuck. She provides weekly coaching and lessons filled with information and tools for you to use on your journey to self discovery. She is so caring and relatable, and is always there to help you move through the hard stuff. 

By the end of the course, I was amazed at how much peace I felt in my day to day life. It was an awakening I had no idea was possible. I have had several comments from people close to me noticing my new, calmer and more joyful demeanor.

I consider¬†Zo√ę's passion and genuine desire for her clients to live a more¬†fulfilled¬†life a gift to mankind. Not only for ourselves, but to those around¬†us.¬†

 Lori Beyer



I am so, so grateful to Zoe for her heart and the way she makes space for anyone who needs it. I have spent time with other groups and, while amazing in themselves, this was life changing. The content was on point for what I needed at the time, We all grew so close we are staying together as a community to help each other on the magnificent journey to freedom, truth and of course mischief! Zoe has the gift of seeing straight to the heart of the tangle and gently helping you unwind it while surrounded by love and complete acceptance. She has given me the love and faith I need to believe that this path is truly my own path. It is utter joy to work with Zoe! I intend to continue with her in any way I can. I highly recommend this special course with Zoe. You will be a happier human for it! 




I recommend the "Journey to Self" course with Zoe Ewart for anyone who is ready to take a deeper dive into the WHY behind your not-so-favorite behaviors.  This course has opened up my eyes and heart to better understand how past traumas have so much to do with today's behavior.  Zoe has this amazing ability to walk along side you as you discover the root cause of behavior, as well as discover ways to understand, embrace and overcome!