What A Few Of My Fabulous Clients Are Saying....  


'Hey Zoe, thank you so much for our session on Tuesday, I'm learning so much and feeling so good. I can't even BEGIN to tell you how amazing what you're doing for me is!'

Mary F. (UK)

'Thanks Zoe. You are an amazing coach and your energy is infectious.'

Barry M. (Switzerland)

'Zoe offered me a magical mix of carefree caring and optimistic organisation, and brought me an unm watched level of non-judgemental honesty so I could choose my own right path.'

Rob S. (Sweden)

' .. I was fed up with constantly reaching for that next glass of wine, I was feeling anxious, getting annoyed at myself, not particularly liking myself and wondering what the big sober secret was. I then saw a video of Zoe on Social Media. I saw her smile and heard her laughter and thought I want that! And I want to know how she got there...'  

Lisa B. (UK)( She's now been sober since April 2022. Whoop whoop!) You can read more of Lisa's story on the 'Lisa's Story' Page and it's definitely worth the read if you're still hesitant as to starting YOUR coaching journey!

' Zoe is amazing. I cannot believe the difference she has made to my life from my first session with her. She is understanding and non-judgemental. More importantly she is positive, motivating and inspiring. I have managed to lose 3 stone in 20 weeks. And I know that would not have happened without Zoe.'All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Goeff M. (UK)( Living alcohol free since January 2022. So flippin' happy for you Goeff!) Stay tuned because you'll be hearing more from and about Goeff soon in an episode of our SOBER CHICK LIFE podcast!!


'Zoe has kindly been acting as my coach recently, helping both herself in her very well suited role, and myself, who has had ongoing issues with alcohol. Zoe has listened, sympathised and then gently offered ideas and coping strategies to help me move forward. She is such a naturally upbeat, high energy and an extremely positive and enthusiastic person that you can't help but want to make the right choices in your own life as her happiness is contagious! She is so easy to talk to and I feel I could announce anything to her with absolutely no fear of being judged, she will make you feel at ease and offer her amazing knowledge to you so that you too can have the tools to build a life you can be truly happy. with.'

H. R. (UK)



Zoë's energy and positivity is infectious. I was drawn to working with her after participating in her group sessions and experiencing some of that energy! But what has been even more amazing about the 1-1 coaching has been the digging in and her insights in helping me think through where I get stuck, what I want, the value and happiness an alcohol free life can bring. Every meeting has been so impactful in my journey to transform my life- I'm doing so much better on so many dimensions of my life now! Highly recommnded coaching for you life journey! So many thanks Zoë !!!

Katherine (Denmark)


... I wanted to say how grateful i am for your intuitive coaching style and have found life changing personal insights and growth through your sessions. Many thanks to you. 

Laurie H

You are a truly remarkable being who I am forever grateful for having brought into my life. I truly hope your work brings joy and pride in knowing how much you help others!  Thank you!

Mary (USA)

Zoë has helped me more in 6 weeks than therapy did in a year! She asked the tough questions and helped me deal with the answers; but, more importantly she taught me how to move forward. Zoë is a beautiful soul and I am so thankful our paths have crossed.

Christine (USA)