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Hello! My name is Zoë, and I am passionate about helping people help themselves figure a way out of any rut they might have got themselves into and we do that together through learning, awareness and a whole lot of digging! I stopped drinking in 2019 and have never looked back, I won’t preach about how easy it was and that life was suddenly filled with rainbows and joy, because it wasn’t, such things take time.

But I will say that nothing quite prepares you for the changes that happen to you, your body and mind after gaining an understanding of the effects of trauma however big or seemingly small on our external and internal experience of living. Removing the alcohol and/or unwanted behaviour, coping strategy without understanding why it was created in the first place is the biggest mistake we can make. 

The body holds the truth and the more painful that truth is the more we need to escape so these behaviours make sense and are not wrong just too unhealthy to be sustainable that's all. I am big into trauma and having studied with Annie Grace, Gabor Mate, Christine Hassler and others I feel confident that you can fully trust me to walk your path alongside you...


I would love to help YOU help YOURSELF... 


Here is a snippet of my life I would like to share with you if I may...
I stood there, my palms sweaty and my heart racing at a thousand beats a minute, and every single pair of ears lying on those twelve mats was waiting to hear my voice, but I couldn’t make a sound. It was the first time I was teaching my very own class having just qualified, and my fear had frozen me to the spot. Now fast forward four years, and I am loving every minute of teaching something I am so deeply passionate about; my voice is clear as I pace softly around the room, gently but firmly correcting someone’s positioning on their mat with confident hands and the vibe is magical.
Six years later; I’ve had a massive night out, and drinks have come and gone without me even giving a second thought as to how many I’ve had or the fact I am teaching first thing in the morning; I am having ‘fun’, I only have one life, I am living in the moment and all those excuses one can dig up! Did I teach the next day? Yes, I did, yes, I wanted to be sick throughout every class I taught, and yes, I was so ashamed.
I can understand now that the ‘fun’ was there to numb the fact I didn’t practise the lifestyle I preached to my clients, numb the fact I felt like an unauthentic fraud, numb all the problems tied up with my sense of self on top of all the rest and I was just surviving life the best way I knew, with what I had then. But I felt teaching was a bit like being an actor on stage, so I made sure I was always the person/ teacher I thought people expected me to be, and that seemed to work, so I kept going.
Eventually, the drinking and recreational drugs used to sustain my chameleon cover made me so tired they robbed me of my love for my job and life in general until….…don’t worry, there IS a happy ending!
Shortly after, I picked myself up, faced my self-made fears, crappy negative thought patterns and life haltingly, deeply ingrained poor beliefs and removed alcohol from my life too. As I grew and started thriving, I discovered a confident, joyful and enthusiastic woman, and she was ME!! So, as that positive energy grew, something was stirring in my soul; an irresistible draw towards reaching both my hands out to help people help themselves figure a way out of any holes they might have fallen into, meet, and be as blown away by who they are as I was.
In the coaching relationship you and I build, we will do that together through a lot of digging, sharing, learning, a ton of kindness, understanding and growth.

0% Alcohol, 100% Freedom

Recreational drugs and alcohol are destructive. They ruin, lives, and relationships and cause permanent damage to your health. Don't feel you have to face anything that's in the way of you and your best self alone, instead, Let me help you create a path to freedom. Let me help you take control of your life. Let me help you live the life you want!


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