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'Talking to Zoe is quite literally one of the best things I have done to help improve my life' Lisa B.

Let's get started!

I'm so excited to go with you through this journey to freedom.  

You will start your journey by gaining ‘Knowledge’, discovering everything there is to know about yourself and your chosen substance. You'll unveil the deeply rooted beliefs and thought patterns that simulate this unwanted behaviour.

On this journey to self-discovery, we will create a toolbox for you. This toolbox will consist of coping strategies you will need  whilst you're working on helping your brain decide it doesn’t want its old beliefs and behaviours anymore. You can now settle into a life of pure freedom.

Freedom because from here on, you will be making decisions and changes using your now healthier and serene brain that prioritizes SELF BELIEF and genuine SELF RESPECT. 


Let's Get Started

Have Any Burning Questions For Me?!

If you're feeling a bit nervous and not quite ready to book a call why not contact me here and I can answer any questions you have and we can simply start the conversation ... 

Let's change your life forever!

Gift Yourself Coaching As A Life Changing Opportunity To Find Your Authentic Self And Live Authentically!



Zoe, what do you do?

My job is to:

  • Take you on a program to help you gain freedom and self-belief and find balance in your life.
  • Give you a safe space to share yourself and my undivided attention.
  • Help you access self-empowerment by bridging any gaps you want to traverse in your own growth and development.
  • Learn how to recognise your own patterns, live consciously and be accountable for your actions.
  • Help you develop healthy behaviours, boundaries and coping strategies.
At this point, is my life not beyond repair?

Absolutely not but I absolutely understand why it feels like that  sometimes, I felt that way too. But, what makes my coaching so incredible is that instead of me telling you 'life is never beyond repair and that there is always hope' you will be figuring that out yourself which is where the words life-changing come in. So, you and I will work together to help you get your life back using some good healthy repairing strategies and welcoming in your authentic self!

I'm not sure if your program is right for me. How effective are your programs?

My programs are targeted toward helping you rebuild your state of mind and taking back control of your life once again. My program is 100% effective in achieving these goals, as long as you are willing to see your life change for the better and work towards understanding and taking back full control over your beliefs and behaviours allowing you to move forward and face life's inevitable challenges with a more healthy mindset., If that's a YES then my program is absolutely the right one for you.

Zoe, how much does it cost to work with you?

To find out the cost of working with me, please contact me on one of the available channels on this website and be assured that I am not going to try and force feed you ANYTHING so please feel free to contact me in confidence!

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